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Share your story with us

Our stories


We are giving women in conservation a space to share their experiences.


Through our blog and podcast initiatives, we invite you to tell your story, to learn, laugh, cry and ultimately lift each other through shared understanding. We want to know what makes you who you are, and what shapes your relationship with conservation.


Your story is important.






Dangerous Nature


Dangerous Nature is a series of blogs and podcast that tell the stories of women that have had to face harassment, discrimination and some times violence in the conservation field. The conservation world is full of whispered accounts of women’s unfair hardships and fear, it is time to give those stories the space they need to heal and protect all women working in conservation.


If you would like to share your story please contact Maria (, you can tell your story through writing or a podcast, or you can share your story with us and we will write it, protecting your identity or simply taking a workload of your back. Telling your story should be a liberating and ultimately positive experience, we want to help your story take flight and become part of the greater narrative of women in conservation. Let’s talk about your experiences and the way you chose to share them.

Image by Andrew Neel
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